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Travertine Natural Stone Tiles

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Looking to inject a natural element into your home interior? Look no further than our range of travertine tiles, boasting a striking classic aesthetic perfect for a range of spaces and styles. 

With a whole host of practical advantages and an undeniable sense of character, our range of travertine tiles is sure to provide you with the ideal flooring or walling solution ahead of your next residential or commercial renovation - it’s why we’re your one-stop-shop for tiles and tiling accessories.

Why choose travertine tiles?

  • Cost-effective - replicate the elegant opulence of marble or granite without the costly price tag to match with our range of travertine tiles. Proving that luxury and expense don’t necessarily go hand in hand, create a high-end aesthetic at a low-end cost - it’s the best of both worlds
  • Effortlessly durable - a cheaper price tag doesn’t mean you have to compromise on practicality, though. On the contrary, travertine tiles provide incredible durability in the face of chips, cracks and scratches, as well as boasting a high level of water and moisture resistance when sealed. Effortlessly resisting high levels of regular foot traffic, these tiles are sure to last a lifetime. Don’t believe us? With travertine stone still standing tall at ancient buildings like the Colosseum, we’re confident our range of travertine floor tiles will last in your kitchen or bathroom space for years and years to come 
  • Versatile resistance - travertine tiles are extremely resilient, easily tolerating weather fluctuations from heavy rain to scorching heat - making them ideal for interior and exterior flooring alike
  • Refined practicality - with natural holes and pits on its porous surface, travertine boasts a natural non-slip texture, meaning these unsealed tiles are practical for areas where splashes and spills are common
  • Eco-friendly - since travertine tiles are made of a more natural stone, they don’t go through the same manufacturing process as other types of floor tiles. As such, they’re a great eco-friendly option for homes and commercial spaces concerned with their environmental footprint

Where to use travertine tiles?

  • Bathroom - travertine has been used as a bathroom building material for years, and for good reason! The non-slip properties of these floor tiles mean they can be used in bathrooms to achieve a variety of interior styles - leaving you safe in the knowledge that they’ll withstand the slippiness of water from taps, baths and showers. Combine with a minimalist bathroom design and plenty of natural light for a distinctly contemporary bathroom design
  • Kitchen - whether as a splashback or flooring solution, there’s a whole range of interior possibility when it comes to utilising travertine tiles in the kitchen. Withstanding the regular foot traffic of the heart of the home with ease, pair these tiles with natural woods and country decor for a traditional, rustic-inspired kitchen space
  • Hallways and corridors - if you want to make a first impression that lasts, consider laying travertine tiles in your hallways or corridor space. After all, what better way to wow your guests than with a distinctive feeling of opulence from the off?
  • Outdoors - as a natural stone, travertine is primed to be used in exterior environments, too. So, why not spruce up your garden, patio or outdoor living space with some stylish travertine tiles today?

Caring for travertine tiles

When it comes to caring for travertine tiles, perhaps the most important aspect is to ensure they’re sealed to guarantee moisture resistance. Applying a natural stone sealer won’t affect the aesthetic of these tiles, but will increase the reaction time against liquid absorption by 4-5 hours - making this a real no-brainer!

As for maintenance of travertine tiles, regular cleaning is recommended, but this isn't a complicated process. On the contrary, a regular vacuum to remove surface dust followed by a damp clean with warm water and a cloth should do the trick - opting for a more thorough scrub using stone cleaner once a month. Avoid vinegar, ammonia, or citrus cleaning products when maintaining your travertine tiles, as these can actually do more harm than good.

Why choose Tiles Direct?

Here at Tiles Direct, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop for tiles and tile accessories - that’s why we aim to combine the highest quality of products with the highest level of service. With that in mind, if you’re unsure about how our travertine tiles will look in your home, you can order a small sample tile for just 99p.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to order, our handy grouting calculator will help you to calculate the quantity you need with minimal fuss. Better yet, we also offer free UK delivery on all orders over £499, as well as a price match promise to ensure we beat our competitors every time. Top-quality tiles at pocket-friendly prices - it’s what we do.

To find out more about our travertine tile range or to ask any other query, get in touch with our friendly team of experts on 0113 253 0005.