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Looking to find the perfect balance of rugged character and a sleek, contemporary aesthetic? Look no further than our striking split face tile collection. Featuring linear stips of natural stones, their undulating, rough finish is guaranteed to deliver attention-grabbing feature walls in any room.   

Here at Tiles Direct, we stock a wide range of split face tiles in a broad spectrum of designs, sizes and colours to help you create a stylishly modern, structured and textured feel on your walls season to season. It’s why we’re your one-stop shop for all things tiles.

Why choose split face tiles?

Split face tiles are manufactured by cutting natural slate to different lengths and depths, then fixing them together by hand in a staggered, layered structure to achieve a uniquely textured mosaic design. This gives these trendy tiles their dramatic aesthetic combined with practical properties that make them a worthwhile long-term investment in your home.

If you’re considering introducing some of our rugged split face tiles to your living space, rest assured there are benefits galore:

  • A style for every interior - thanks to the uniqueness of each mosaic design, there’s sure to be a style in our wide range to suit the decorative approach of each and every type of home interior
  • Effortlessly on-trend - texture is always on-trend as a sought-after decorative feature with a range of practical advantages, so your interior is guaranteed to remain up-to-date with each passing season 
  • Refined durability - made from slate or porcelain, our split face tiles have an inherent durability, making them resistant to scratches, cracks and chips for decades at a time

Split face tile materials

Split face tiles bring all the beauty of natural stone in an easy to lay mosaic sheet. Yet no two sheets will ever look the same, which is all part of their charm.

When it comes to choosing the right option for your home, you can take your pick from a diverse range of materials at Tiles Direct, giving you all the choice you need to create standout walls that will last for years.

For a glistening finish, quartzite split face tiles could be the way to go. Featuring flecks of natural quartzite set into a darker base colour, they beautifully catch the light - meaning they’re guaranteed to elevate your tiled walls from bland to beautiful. 

Or revel in the eclectic hues of natural slate with our numerous ledgestone split face tiles that come in a variety of different colours. Whether you love the look of mixed shades in brown and grey or want a clean white or beige, these slate split face tiles will deliver a stunning finish for kitchen splashbacks, chimney stacks and so much more. 

Alternatively, marvel at the beauty of marble or granite on your walls every day of the week (without the hassle of sealing and upkeep) by opting for one of our porcelain split face tile designs. Manufactured with all the hardness and durability of porcelain and the beauty and feel of natural stone, they offer an incredibly practical and authentic looking alternative to the real deal.

Colour and size options galore

As we touched on above, our split face tiles range offers up a whole host of colour options, giving you plenty of ideas on how to incorporate the earthy and organic look of natural stone into your home.

For a dramatic flourish on walls, why not go bold with black quartzite split face tiles? Softened by the shimmering specs throughout the stone, these striking wall tiles are guaranteed to give your interiors a luxury and eye-catching feature.

At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll also find options in snow white, pale greys and soft sandy shades that are the ideal solution for creating nature-inspired interiors with interest. Many of these softer shades can also be found mixed with darker stone, creating wonderful contrasts of colour and stone types if you want to move away from single-coloured walls. From speckled greys to rusty browns and subtle greens, there really is no limit to the beauty and texture of these colourful natural stone split face tiles.

You can also choose from a range of different tile sizes, including 10cm x 35cm, 18cm x 35cm and 15cm x 60cm. All this means it’s easy for you to find just the right tile size for covering your walls. We even supply split face corner tiles for some of our range, helping you to make the job of tiling corners and edges even simpler and minimising the need for awkward cuts or adding in trims.

Where to use split face tiles

Thanks to the striking aesthetic of these contemporary tiles, split face tiles are perfect for making an interior impact with a bold tiled feature wall that can be used in almost any area of the home. But due to the fact they contain natural stone, which is more porous than a glazed tile and can be difficult to fully seal (even with grout and sealing solutions), we’d recommend you don’t use split face tiles in very wet areas such as shower cubicles and bath surrounds.

That being said, you shouldn’t have any worries about using them as splashback tiles for kitchen and bathroom sinks where the risk of direct contact with large volumes of water or complete saturation is relatively low.

So, with that technical caveat out the way, let’s take a look at how and where these gorgeous tiles can be used in the home, helping you to revitalise drab wall spaces by injecting a splash of character, creating an eye-catching backdrop for your kitchen, living room, bathroom or outdoor area:

  • Rustic charm - to find the perfect balance between rustic charm and cosy comfort, consider installing our Ledgestone Rustic Multicolour split face tiles in your living room or kitchen area. With the distinctive earthy tones of this natural stone perfectly complementing fireplaces or similarly toned kitchen appliances, you can enhance your existing design theme by using these tiles to create a focal point around these traditional, rustic-look interior features
  • Monochrome statement - if you’re looking to make a sleek interior statement through a monochrome design, our Marmi Grey Mix tiles are the ideal decorative option for walls in kitchens and bathrooms. Embellish a shower enclosure or create a stark monochrome look by tiling your entire kitchen wall - taking advantage of the distinctive texture of the mosaic design to add a unique edge to your home
  • Urban appeal - urban interior design is all the rage right now, so why not achieve this sleek, contemporary style in your own home by opting for our Split Face Black Slate Waterfall tiles? Made from natural stone with a distinctive texture, these tiles will help you effortlessly achieve a modern, urban feel in any room of the house. To emphasise this further, get clever with your lighting, angling lights up or down onto your feature wall to cast distinctive shadows and bring its rugged texture to life
  • Outdoor style - since all of these tiles boast the timeless beauty of natural stone, why stop indoors? Opt for natural porcelain split face tiles like our Cubics Grey tile around your outdoor living space for a stylish and practical decorative approach to a typically understated area 

Split face tile installation tips

Installing split face tiles doesn’t differ greatly from laying standard wall tiles, but here are a few key considerations and tips to ensure you end up with a professional finish.

  • Prepare the surface - just like any tiling job, the surface you’re fixing your split face tiles to needs to be flat, clean, dry and preferably coated with a primer to give a stronger bond for the tile adhesive
  • Allow extra for cuts and corners - we would always recommend ordering 10% more tiles than you need to cover your area, but with split face tiles you may be tackling more awkward areas and corners, so it can be an idea to allow 15% extra to ensure you don’t run out of tiles in the middle of the job
  • Plan your layout - split face tiles are perfect for creating a unique finish with a mixture of colours, but to ensure you get the colour blend just right, we’d recommend doing a dry plan first, mixing tiles from different boxes together to allow you to play around with the pattern
  • Use a diamond cutting blade - natural stone and porcelain are both incredibly hard, so we’d recommend using an electric tile cutter with a diamond blade to guarantee clean cuts and minimal wastage through broken tiles
  • Choose the right colour adhesive - when applying pale coloured split face tiles, use a white tile adhesive rather than grey to ensure the grout doesn’t discolour any of the stone or look obvious if it seeps through from the mesh behind
  • Seal the tiles - split face tiles aren’t recommended for use in wet areas, but even if you’re placing them in a dry area you need to seal the stone against moisture and dirt. This can be as simple as applying a sealant solution to the stone surface or you may want to also apply a grout seal for between tile joints - we’d suggest seeking the advice of a professional tiler or asking your tile supplier on what’s best for your chosen tiles

Why choose Tiles Direct?

As your one-stop shop for wall tiles and tiling accessories, shop with Tiles Direct today for hassle-free service and the highest quality products. If you’re unsure which colour to choose or you want to judge the quality of our tiles for yourself, you can order a sample for just £1.99 and see how our tiles will look in your own home before placing an order.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to order, our handy grouting calculator will help you work out what quantity of tiles you’ll need without you having to do any of the hard work. Better yet, we offer free delivery on all orders over £499, as well as a price match promise that guarantees we’ll beat our competitors every time. High-quality tiles at pocket-friendly prices - it’s what we do.

To find out more about our range of split face tiles, or for any other queries you may have, get in touch with our team of interior experts via our Contact Us page or talk to us in person by calling 0113 253 0005.