4 Bathroom Tile Style Ideas That Never Get Old

While many of us would relish the chance to regularly update our bathroom decor in line with the latest interior design trends, there’s no getting around the expense and disruption this entails.

Instead, we suggest a more practical and affordable approach to interior decorating – favouring timeless interior design themes that will always be on trend.

To help you achieve this, we’ve put together a few ideas that demonstrate how classic interior design can stand the test of time while still feeling fresh and modern.

Champion classic vibes with marble tiles

We’ve waxed lyrical about marble time and time again, and for good reason. From a practical point of view, marble tiles will last for years with minimal upkeep, while aesthetically the cool hues and iconic veining have evergreen appeal.

To make sure your marble walls and floors pass the timeless interior design test, we’d suggest choosing a white or pale grey marble with subtle veins, like Carrara marble.

Bringing classic interior design best practices to any space, the soft hues and detailing will ensure your bathroom ages well and effortlessly complements new decor themes. For instance, a marble tiled shower can be easily updated with new fixtures and fittings without the added expense of replacing the tiles.

Keep it simple with white tiles

If you’re looking for classic bathroom interior design ideas, you can’t go wrong with white tiles.

Complementing almost any colour on the wheel and delivering a fresh, clean feel, white tiles can be the ideal blank canvas to build on with your bathroom design.

For a simple style, we’d suggest pairing white tiles with other white finishes in different textures to create subtle tonal contrasts that will add depth. This could take the form of polished white floor tiles against matt painted walls, or 3D wall tiles sat alongside smooth, shiny surfaces.

With the right balance of textures and tones, white bathroom tiles can help you pull off a design that will remain forever on trend. And as such a versatile colour palette, you can seamlessly introduce other shades into the mix to add some colour.

Create harmony with neutral tones

Colour trends come and go, but one way to ensure your colour palette doesn’t have a short shelf life is to prioritise neutral shades.

When it comes to tiles, a natural stone-effect tile in soft beige or grey can go a long way towards giving your interior design longevity, both aesthetically and practically. These tones also evoke a sense of calm and serenity, particularly if you opt for matching wall and floor tiles to create a cocooning, comforting vibe.

In the name of timeless interior design, we’d also suggest going for a classic linear formation using a 40cm x 40cm tile or larger for a sleek and modern finish.

Mix it up with metro tiles

We couldn’t do a classic bathroom interior design piece without mentioning the humble metro tile, which effortlessly navigates the decades thanks to its everlasting cool. 

With modern metro tiles, you’ll find even more shades, designs and finishes available. This means extra versatility when it comes to creating a classic interior design theme with a contemporary twist.

Choose from flat, bevelled and inverted edges, all of which deliver their own unique textural delights. Throw in the various finishes – including crackle glaze, matt and gloss, as well as mirror and marble options – and you have countless options for introducing depth and charm to your bathroom.

When it comes to colours, the ultimate evergreen option would be a monochrome combination using flat white and black subway tiles on bathroom walls. There are also plenty of opportunities to use coloured metro tiles that still give you a classic, retro vibe in on-trend colours like blue, green, grey and pink.

If you’re striving to pull off a bathroom update that will stand the test of time, choosing a tile style that delivers timeless beauty is the way to go. Not only will your tiles stay on-trend for longer but, in most cases, they can also be easily updated with transient features like bath linens, accessories and painted walls.
To start bringing your bathroom designs to life, check out our extensive collection of bathroom tiles for floors and walls. And don’t forget to keep reading our interior design blog for even more tiling tips and inspiration.

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