Tile Edging & Border Ideas to Try Anywhere in the House

Retro Metro Victorian green border tile

Border and edging tiles create striking boundaries throughout the home, adding clean lines that effortlessly soften tiled designs on walls and floors.

Knowing how to incorporate tiled borders into your home’s design can be a challenge if it’s your first time experimenting with these unique tiles – and that’s where we come in.

In this post, we’re taking you on a whirlwind tour of tile border ideas to help you master this niche artform and bring your living space to a new level of sophistication.

Tiled trims

In rooms like the kitchen or bathroom where tiled walls are a staple feature, tiled edging can be used to create a smart, tidy trim that serves as a dividing line between the tiled portion of the wall and the area below.

Whether your border tiles are in a shade that matches with the rest of your wall or a complementary clash, tiled trims are sleek, sophisticated and effective. Thinner tiles work best for trims like these, so think skinny dado rails or, better yet, a neat pencil tile border for ultimate precision.

Tiled frames

Whether your living space is home to wall art, a striking feature wall or even a tiled rug-effect floor, border tiles can be used to spectacular effect as a framing device. The ultimate accentuating tool, edging tiles enhance the form of your space by introducing clean lines and making sure eyes are drawn where they should be.

From Greek key border tiles to skinny rope or pencil-style borders, tiled frames serve the purpose of highlighting focal points in your wall or floor’s design while creating a boundary line between the feature in question and the rest of your space.

Tiled borders

Using tiled borders, such as an elegant dado rail, around wall recesses and alcoves in rooms like the bathroom or living room can maximise the visual depth of the space and highlight nooks that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Again, the choice is yours as to whether to match your border tile colour to the colours used in your recess or go bold with a striking colour clash. What matters is that you create a simple, slender border around the space to draw the eye in and create a new focal point in your home through the art of framing.

Tiled transitions

Having two varying tile colours or patterns in one room – whether on your walls and floors or even on two different sections of the same wall – can be visually jarring without a clean separator to smooth this transition.

Edging tiles are well-placed to create this transition, helping you to blend adjacent designs in a way that feels harmonious and complementary rather than mismatched and contradictory. With a metro brick or skirting border tile between your contrasting designs, you can achieve visual cohesion between the two and marry the space together beautifully.

Ready to transform your home’s walls and floors with these tile edging ideas? You’re in the right place. Explore our enormous range of border tiles now and buy online when you’ve found the tiled trim, frame or border that’s missing from your living space.

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