En Suite Tile Ideas: Tiling Small Bathrooms & Shower Rooms

 Brutalist Brick Crackle Sapphire bathroom wall tiles

Tiles and bathrooms are a match made in heaven, thanks to tile’s renowned water resistance and all-round durability – two properties that are essential in an area of the home so prone to moisture.

When it comes to tiling an en suite, however, finding design inspiration can be difficult with limited space – and therefore limited design potential – to play with. We’re coming to the rescue, though, with a selection of tried and tested en suite tiling ideas and hacks to help you maximise the potential of your small bath or shower room and create a modestly sized paradise in your living space.

Keep your colour palette in check

Small spaces benefit from stripped-back colour palettes, as an overload of competing colours can create a busy effect that only serves to emphasise an en suite’s modest dimensions. In your search for en suite tiling ideas that enhance your small bathroom’s virtues rather than its shortcomings, stick to a simple yet striking colour scheme using as few distinct shades as possible.

Classic Scandi-style bathroom design makes use of neutrals such as white and beige with the occasional pop of vibrant colour (through elements such as fresh greenery). Naked colour palettes like these are positively perfect for en suites, where white or wood-effect tiles can transform walls or floors into a clean, minimalist canvas.

Play with vertical lines

It’s common knowledge that vertical lines create the appearance of length in various design disciplines from fashion to interior decorating. By getting creative with your use of vertical shapes in your small bath or shower room, you can conjure the illusion of height to make the room feel more airy, spacious and altogether luxurious.

Vertical en suite tile ideas include laying brick-shaped tiles in vertical rather than horizontal rows, which will create a sort of bamboo or Kit Kat effect. This dainty yet intricate pattern will guide the eye upwards and help you to upsize your en suite space – if not literally.

Give your en suite a glossy glow-up

Another hack for creating the illusion of space is to let as much natural light into the room as possible and harness the power of light-reflecting materials to bounce that lovely light around the space. Reflective tiles, such as glazed porcelain or ceramic and mirrored glass, are the perfect tools for this particular job.

As part of your en suite tiling project, invest in some glossy wall tiles in coloured glass or crackle-glazed ceramic to reflect natural light throughout the space and make your en suite appear instantly larger and brighter. You can even go one step further and employ mosaic wall tiles in a herringbone, chevron or fan shape to create a sense of dynamism that will give your en suite maximum shine.

Go big to minimise grout lines

The fewer grout lines in your en suite bathroom, the larger the space will appear. The principle is similar to that of your colour scheme, in that a busy design tends to make a space look more small and cramped than it actually is – and where space is already limited, it’s important to avoid this effect however possible.

En suite tile ideas for increasing the perceived amount of space include using large tiles in a light colour such as white, cream or grey. Better yet, combine these pale-coloured tiles with a similarly light grout to reduce the appearance of grout lines for maximum impact.

Blur boundaries between walls and floors

Lastly, by taking your wall tiles right down to the floor of your en suite, you can create a blended effect between walls and floors that helps to further lengthen the space, visually speaking. This sense of continuity between the wall and floor serves to create a sort of optical illusion through which low ceilings appear higher and the space appears more luxurious overall.

In small bathrooms and en suites, tiling ideas involve getting creative – using design psychology principles to make your bath or shower room more than the sum of its parts. With this diverse design toolkit, you can wow guests with an en suite bathroom that’s every bit as luxurious as its full-sized counterparts.
Our en suite tiling ideas hold the key to transforming a cramped and neglected bath or shower room into a sleek, elegant space whose size can transcend its dimensions. To take the first step in your en suite makeover journey, dive into our sumptuous bathroom tile collection in search of large, light-coloured and light-reflecting tile options that can enhance your space from floor to ceiling.

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