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White interiors serve up a whole host of options when it comes to creating different decor styles within your home. Effortlessly versatile and timeless, it’s a no brainer why they’re such a popular choice. And, if you’re looking for stylish and practical white tiles that look right at home in any space regardless of the interior approach, this is the collection for you. 

From sleek and contemporary to cool and classic, here at Tiles Direct, our White Tile collection boasts an extensive range of white wall and floor tiles to choose from. We don’t just stock your average white tiles though - far from it! Right here, you’ll find white floor and wall tiles in an array of styles, sizes and finishes. 

But, with so much to choose from, what does this mean for you? Well, it means you’re sure to find the perfect set of white tiles to achieve your desired aesthetic. 

Where to use white tiles

Undeniably versatile, our White Tile collection provides either a perfect blank canvas to emphasise interior focal points or can act as a statement wall in itself - meaning you can find a wall tiling style to suit any type of interior design:

Bathrooms: white tiles form the foundations of any classic bathroom interior approach, and for good reason. Whether you’re looking to add some textured charm to a traditional bathroom space with the addition of our Bumpy White tiles or just want to keep things simple with a practical splashback using our Gloss White tiles, our white tile collection provides an ideal bathroom walling solution for every type of space. 

Kitchens: channel a clean, retro aesthetic with our Metro Brick tiles or achieve a touch of sleek, urban modernism with our Super White Polished Porcelain tiles. Whatever your desired interior style, you’ll find a practical set of white tiles that beautifully complement any kitchen interior. And for the perfect finishing touch to white splashback tiles that don't got all the way up to the ceiling, why not use stylish white border tiles for a clean, sleek look?

Bedrooms:  though perhaps not the first room to spring to mind when thinking about wall tiles, our collection of white tiles would provide a calming backdrop behind any headboard. This will allow you the foundations for creating the ultimate zen zone. Whether you want chic and contemporary or a more subtle elegance with understated options, matching soothing hues with relaxing interiors has never been easier.

Hallways: why not look to create an interior statement from the off with the use of white tiles in your hallway? With quirky hexagonal and Persian-inspired patterns to choose from, let your creative flair run wild to deliver a statement wall that finds the perfect balance between interior focal point and aesthetic cohesion.

Why choose white tiles?

Of course, our white tiles offer exceptional versatility and style, but it’s not just about the aesthetics. Our White Tile collection also boasts a range of functional qualities that, when paired with the tile’s flawless aesthetics, create an unrivalled wall tiling solution:

Water-resistant:  there’s a reason why these white tiles are the go-to for many bathroom and kitchen renovation projects. From kitchen tap splashbacks to shower cubicle walling, you can have peace of mind that these tiles repel water effortlessly - keeping your walls well-protected against any form of moisture. 

Durable:  with white tiles constructed from both porcelain and ceramic, this range boats a hard-wearing and durable tile for any environment. Resistant to scratches and stains, you can be sure you’ll have a timeless, long-term walling and flooring solution with our white tiles range.

Easy to maintain: when it comes to white tiles, easy maintenance is key. Luckily, this range can be cleaned with a simple wipe down using water and a standard cleaning solution when a deeper clean is required. This will mean you don’t need to worry about your wall being ruined by any form of marks or stains. Perfect for the busy household, the easy-clean nature of these tiles offers peace of mind that their aesthetic will never be compromised, no matter what you throw their way

Which finish is best for white tiles?

Having decided on white as your tile colour of choice, one of your next jobs is to decide which tile finish is best for you. The finish you choose will have a direct impact on the overall look and feel of the room, and the right finish can do more for your decor than you may initially think. 

All tiles are finished with a sealed glaze on the upper surface that helps to boost their strength and durability, but the type of finished glaze can vary. The two main types are gloss and matt. However, you’ll also find a few other options available like crackled glaze and bumpy textured finishes. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve broken down the different types of finishes we offer, arming you with the know-how to pick out the perfect tile finish to elevate your interiors:

Gloss: as the name suggests, gloss tiles are finished with an ultra-smooth, polished glaze on the top surface. This high-shine surface is perfect for reflecting light around a room. As a result, these light reflecting properties work perfectly in dimly lit or small spaces as they make them feel brighter and bigger. Most at home in contemporary settings, these smooth white tiles convey a sleek and sophisticated finish that’s a breeze to keep clean. 

Matt: unsurprisingly, matt white tiles have a slightly duller, less smooth finish that doesn’t reflect as much light. This lacklustre finish can be the perfect match for understated or rustic interiors, bringing texture and depth. While they may not be quite as smooth as gloss tiles, they’re still easy to wipe clean and will be a little more forgiving when it comes to showing up smears and water marks. 

Crackled glaze: within our white metro tiles range, you’ll find a crackled glaze white tile option that offers up a more rustic, antique look that’s perfect for vintage-style interiors. With the crackle effect securely sealed behind a typically glossy glaze, you can benefit from light reflecting properties and a quirky take on white interiors. 

Bumpy: some of our tiles forgo the flat surface in favour of a textured or bumpy surface with a glossy finish. With white bumpy tiles, this means you can break up vast areas of white or add interest by using the power of contrasting textures. It also means that in small or low-light areas you can create even more light-reflecting surfaces. 

Whether you opt for polished gloss tiles or a muted matt finish, each texture brings their own benefits, helping you effortlessly transform average white surfaces from bland to bright and beautiful.  

Options galore for white tile sizes and shapes

Beyond our selection of tile finishes, you’ll also find an array of different shapes and sizes on offer in our white tiles range. Like tile finishes, the size and shape you choose can have a significant impact on the overall look of your space. 

For instance, choosing a small tile for modest areas can actually make the area feel smaller (although this can be offset to some degree with gloss tiles that reflect more light). For this reason, in smaller rooms we’d suggest using a large format tile to reduce the number of grout lines. If you do have your heart set on a smaller tile, using white or light coloured grout will help soften the appearance of grout lines. 

In terms of size, we have white tiles that range from 5cm x 20cm up to 15cm x 90cm, giving you plenty of scope to create a stylish white tiled area. If you have a specific tile size in mind, simply use the drop down filters at the top of the page to pick your desired tile sizes.  

You also won’t be disappointed with the variety of shapes we have to offer either. When it comes to your typical square and rectangular white tiles, you’ll find them in a vast choice of dimensions. From dinky metro brick tiles with bevelled and rectified edges, as well as InMetro white tiles with an inverted design, we have everything you need to give standard shapes that extra edge. 

As if that wasn’t enough, you can move away from uniform shapes and opt for less conventional options to create a dramatic impact with your interior design. Choose from white geometric hexagonal tiles, elegant shells and beautiful lantern shaped designs that are guaranteed to get your walls and floors noticed. 

Installing wall tiles

Whatever shape, size and finish you land on, don’t forget to think about how to lay them. You can find out more about different tiles patterns, as well as how they can change the perspective in a room right here

And when it comes to installing our white tiles on your interior walls, follow these simple steps to achieve a professional update from start to finish: 

  1. Work out how many tiles you will need by measuring both the height and width of your wall (our handy tiles and grout calculator found on each product page will help you here)
  2. Remove any pre-existing wall tiles with a chisel and hammer. Alternatively, you can install your whilte tiles directly onto existing tiles, providing the surface is even and you don’t mind losing a few centimetres of wall space
  3. Ensure an even work surface by filling any cracks or holes with putty filler - allow this to dry for 4-6 hours 
  4. With coarse sandpaper, sand down any bumps on the wall 
  5. Then give your walls a wipe down with a damp sponge or cloth to get rid of the dust left behind
  6. If working in wet areas such as bathrooms, be sure to apply a waterproof sealer over the relevant areas 
  7. Calculate the number of tile cuts you’ll need before installing the tiles by laying out your pattern on the ground
  8. Apply your first layer of adhesive 
  9. Using a notched-trowel, run it over the adhesive to add grooves before laying the tile
  10. Place your tiles on the adhesive, being sure to add spacers between each one to ensure even grout lines 
  11. Once the adhesive is dry, remove spacers and then begin adding grout using a special grout float
  12. Wipe down using a wet sponge after approximately 30 minutes 
  13. For added protection and to block out any moisture, apply sealer 

Of course, if you're hesitant about any steps in this process, it is always best to hire a professional tradesman, ensuring you’re left with the perfect finish for your new white tiled walls. However, if you do decide to go it alone, you can buy all the extras you need like adhesive, trowels, grout floats and more in our Tiling Accessories section. 

Why Tiles Direct?

Here at Tiles Direct, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop-shop for tiles and tiling accessories. And with sample tiles available from just £1.99, we’re confident we can provide a convenient and high-quality solution for all your tiling requirements, whatever they may be.

If your mind's made up, simply place your order online and we’ll deliver your tiles straight to your door, with free delivery on all orders over £499. Not only that, but thanks to our price match promise, we guarantee that we’ll beat all our competitors on price - meaning our tiles are not just excellent quality, but wallet-friendly, too! 

Browse our diverse range of white tiles online today. And if you need to find out more about any of our white tiles or require expert advice before you buy, why not give the Tiles Direct team a call on 0113 253 0005? We’re always happy to help you find the perfect solution.