Latest Anti Slip Floor Tiles Ranges

Anti Slip

Wet areas are notoriously hazardous but now you can eliminate the risk of wet floors in your home or workplace when you choose anti-slip floor tiles. Tiles-Direct has a great range to pick from. You can use these tiles almost anywhere, such as bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, swimming pools and laundry rooms.

Check out the Forest or Selva ranges for a look that mirrors the natural beauty of wood or go for the Q Rock and Silex ranges for a stone look that recalls the artistic brilliance of old masonry. The Salt & Pepper range can be a great choice for kitchens or areas with plenty of footfall since it is highly resistant and requires little maintenance. And, if modernity is the essence of your room then you will find it in the Surprise and Titan ranges of tiles. They are both great in light shades and retain a homely feel in a contemporary setting.

There is surely a design to match any room here with stylish colours and textures, including gloss or matt finishes, and cheap prices to boot! Rest assured that there won’t be any accidents or slips when you come directly to Tiles-Direct for your anti-slip floor tiles.

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