Quartz Tiles

black-quartz-sub-catStarlight Quartz is a production of composite quartz sheet with super hardness, which adopts natural quartz, mineral pigments, resins and other addictives as raw materials and processed by advanced technology. The appearance is similar to natural granite. Compared with the other solid surface and natural stone, quartz stone has a non-porous surface with super hardness, therefore it is widely used in kitchens, bathrooms and architectural fields.

One of the best ways to add glamour to any bathroom or kitchen is to use quartz tiles. These tiles are a stylish and sophisticated way to add sparkle and shimmer to a wall without making it look too over the top, and will leave you with a dazzling design. Tiles-Direct stock quartz tiles in a variety of bright and beautiful colours, as well as black and white. They look fabulous on their own but using plain tiles with the occasional quartz tile thrown in will add subtle sparkle to any design and will emphasise the brightness and beauty of the quartz tile. Colours from Tiles-Direct include pinks, blues, greens, reds and more, so there’s something to suit any personality and any theme.

A quartz tile design will look even more stunning when placed under a light because of the way the tiles will reflect it. Tiles-Direct even stock quartz mosaic tiles, so you can create your own intriguing design, or stick with larger tiles to dazzle your guests and make your room sparkle and shine.

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