Wood Effect Tiles


wood effect

Natural stone tiles can create a gorgeous effect on any wall or floor, bringing the beauty of nature to your home. However, an alternative to these tiles which can have the same effect, if not an even better one, are wood effect tiles.

Tiles-Direct stock a range of beautiful wood effect tiles which have been created with the most up to date inkjet technology, creating an effect almost identical to real wood, so you can enjoy all the same tones and colours of natural wood, but without having to worry about the durability of it. These tiles are in many ways even better than real wood because they are a lot more resistant, and are easier to clean. Plus, they do not require any maintenance, so you can enjoy a beautiful finish without any hassle.

The tiles are available in a range of colours and styles, so they will go with almost anything, and look absolutely stunning both inside and out. They’re durable, attractive, and create a great alternative to the usual natural effect tile.

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