Our Colourful Quartz Tiles

There are certain types of tiles which when used as floor and wall coverings simply scream good taste. Some tiles are timeless, while others come and go as trends dictate – it is of course the former group that’s always the more desirable.

As far as we’re concerned, there are few types of tiles ever produced that are quite as magnificent as Quartz Tiles. Although quartz tiles are still a relatively new product, they bring genuine luxury in the 21st century, and are a centrepiece for any room in their own right.

We’ve worked tirelessly to put together a uniquely desirable collection of Quartz Tiles in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes. Adopt a bold new style or simply add a few subtle accents to the home current décor theme – wherever and however you use our Quartz Tiles, you’re guaranteed a spectacular final result.

Our Quartz tiles have granules of high grade quartz silica (95%) blended with engineered polyester resin.

Blue Quartz Tiles
Blue Quartz TilesFor example, within our Blue Quartz tile range you’ll find a 60cm by 60cm floor tile that has the potential to breathe new life into any room of the home or the office. Bright, bold and undeniably beautiful, a blue quartz floor brings a new electric-ambience to the room and make everything therein spring to life. Unsurprisingly, our Blue Quartz range is a firm favourite among buyers for use in modern bathrooms.








Silver Grey Quartz Tiles
Silver Grey Quartz TilesSlightly more toned down though still jaw-dropping is our range of Silver Grey Quartz Tiles, which present a uniquely stylish and sophisticated aesthetic that cannot fail to lift any room to new heights. From ultra-modern living rooms to stylish kitchens and the most beautiful of bathrooms, Silver Grey Quartz adds a decorative touch that is simple enough to be universally versatile though at the same time stylish enough to turn heads.

In addition, our Silver Grey Quartz range makes a striking and compelling wall covering for bathrooms and kitchens alike. Durable, hard wearing and incredibly easy to look after, it’s the perfect choice for the rooms of the home prone to heavy-duty use. And of course, the fact that it looks frankly stunning is an added bonus to say the least.




Red Quartz Tiles
Red Quartz TilesOur Red Quartz range has been designed with the ultra-modern living space in mind. From high-end kitchens to upmarket bathrooms super-stylish hallways, Red Quartz represents an artistic masterpiece in its own right. Add a series of tiles to accent an otherwise single-colour bathroom suite or perhaps go the whole hog and refit the floor in a beautiful carpet of red quartz – it really is an interior designer’s dream.

What’s more, our Red Quartz range contrasts quite beautifully with our Pearl and White Quartz tile collections, allowing for the creation of masterful mosaics and unique patterns to really bring the room to life. And of course, the supremely hard-wearing properties of high-end quartz tiles make them the ideal choice for busy bathrooms and chaotic kitchens.

We’ve assembled our collection to deliver the best of both form and function – we never compromise on either.

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