3D Mosaic Tiles

Here at Tiles Direct, we’re constantly striving to bolster our already UK-leading collection with the most uniquely desirable tiles and accessories from across Britain and beyond. We only ever add tiles and tile ranges that measure up to our rather exacting specifications – we don’t sell a single tile we wouldn’t be delighted to use in our own homes.

This month, we’ve added a new range of 3D Mosaic Tiles which are undoubtedly some of the most eye-catching products we’ve ever comes across. Though unusual at first glance, the way in which they can bring the walls and floors of any room to life is quite remarkable – they’re also just the ticket for creating unique mosaics of any shape or size desired.

3D Gloss Black

3D Gloss Black tileOur 3D Glass Black tiles for example are the very epitome of chic elegance for the homeowner looking to make a firm style statement. Timelessly desirable and universally compatible with any existing interior décor elements, it’s impossible to go wrong with black. In this instance, it’s your choice whether the room calls for a select few 3D Tiles for an attractive mosaic effect, or perhaps a full floor or wall covering to really make an impact.





3D Gloss White

3D Gloss White tileFor a clean, fresh and undeniably invigorating feel, nothing does the job better than white. But rather than going with the classic white-gloss tile effect seen in so many bathrooms these day, why not take yours one step further with our 3D White Gloss tiles? You’ll enjoy the same wonderful brightness and airiness you’d expect from any standard white tiles, but with the added bonus of a cleverly convincing 3D cube effect. It’s a great way of taking the very walls or floor of the bathroom and turning them into a centrepiece.




3D Gloss Grey

3D Gloss Grey tileGrey bathrooms coverings have enjoyed something of a renaissance as of late with more influential style and design icons than even before having returned to neutral tones. As such, the timing really could not be better for us to introduce our new 3D Gloss Grey tiles, which take the standard tiling effect to a whole new level with a wonderfully captivating 3D cube effect. If you think it looks impressive on screen, just wait until you see in in the flesh!




3D Gloss Mix Black

3D Gloss Mix Black tileFor an even more incredibly vivid 3D effect and a finish you’ll barely be able to take your eyes off, look no further than our 3D Black Gloss Mix. Taking the very best elements of our Black and White 3D tiles ranges and combining the two, you’re presented with a strikingly bold and vivid 3D effect that’s still somehow classically understated and elegant.




3D Gloss Mix Brown

3D Gloss Mix Brown tileIf however you’d prefer something with a slightly warmer and subtler feel on the whole, we’ve combined stunning White and Brown 3D tiles to come up with a unique 3D Gloss Brown Mix. For bathrooms and kitchens alike, it’s a simple added design touch that can transform the whole dynamic of the room in an instant.





All of our 3D Mosaic Tiles share the following specifications:

Material: Porcelain
Finish: Gloss
Size (cm): 30.5cm x 26.5cm
Thickness (mm): 6mm
Suitability: Wall & Floor
N° of Tiles per Square Metre (m2): 12.37 Sheets

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