Black and White Floor Tiles: 3 Design Ideas for Your Home

From kitchens to conservatories, hallways and bathrooms, black and white floor tiles are a design element which is sure to make an impact in the home. After all, black and white flooring is very versatile, offering luxe or minimalism to any interior design. 

That’s why today, we’re offering our comprehensive guide on how to use black and white floor tiles, so that you can add a monochrome palette to your home with confidence. From geometric design to checkered tiles, this beginner’s guide will cover all the basics.

Checkered flooring in kitchen

Check mate

Take on the classic black and white checkered look for a timeless investment and a feature which is sure to wow your guests. For a grand and sophisticated entrance to your home, why not make a stunning first impression with black and white checkered tiles in your hallway? Complement your flooring with luxurious furniture for an aesthetic which oozes opulence and is sure to make an immediate impression on each and every guest upon their arrival. 

If your home boasts a large bathroom, large black and white checkered tiles are the perfect interior tool to make a statement with your space. Pair your checkered design with traditional bathroom fittings to create a timeless look which is particularly eye-catching in period-style bathrooms. 

On the other hand, if your bathroom is a little tight for space, opt for mini check flooring which will give the illusion of making the floor space look a little more expansive. Pair your checkered flooring with plants and minimalist accessories to finish this monochrome aesthetic. 

Mix it up

For those who are feeling a little more adventurous, a new take on black and white flooring is to pair black wood with white tiles. This high contrast look is sure to wow your guests, while adding a little texture and flair to a black and white aesthetic. 

Create a statement by opting for rug-effect flooring which is sure to create a centrepiece with a wow-factor. From parquet tiles in white and jet black to monochrome ceramic tiles which offer intricacy and mosaic artistry, create a striking look in your living or dining area to open up the space. Particularly effective in a period living room or in front of a traditional fireplace in an elegant dining room – this is a beautiful way to add individuality and texture to your home. 

Alternatively, combining black and white materials is a great way to define sections in an open plan space. Opt for black wooden flooring in areas which require a little more warmth such as in the living area and dining space. Pair this with some beautiful white tiles to clearly signify where the kitchen space begins for a stylish aesthetic which won’t compromise on functionality. 

Play with patterns 

Mix up the classic black and white for a more detailed look by incorporating some patterns into your home to mimic an original feature of an older property. Geometric tiles are an artistic way to add detail and intricacy to your home, while honing in on a heritage aesthetic. 

For more contemporary interiors, an Escher-esque box tile flooring design will add a feature to your hallway or kitchen which will be impossible to ignore. Pair this with white gloss kitchen cupboards and monochrome accessories for a dramatic look which is uniformed and makes an impact. Alternatively, to turn down the intensity, opt for bright accessories to offer a pop of colour, and wooden worktops which won’t compromise on the elegance of the room. 

Patterned monochrome tiles in kitchen

So, with our guide, we hope you’ll be equipped with the inspiration to add vibrancy to any setting. From bathrooms to hallways and kitchens, black and white tiles will create a feature which is an attention-grabber in any home. To make this statement come to life, why not take a look at our stunning selection of monochrome floor tiles today?

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