How To: 3 Tips on Bringing Nature Inside Your Home

Being outside surrounded by nature not only feels great, but makes us feel calm and grounded, which is why, harmoniously combining the indoors and outdoors is a fantastic way to refresh your home – and it doesn’t necessarily mean undertaking an entire home update either. 

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how to successfully bring nature into your home – giving you the chance to experience the delightful, relaxing feeling of the outdoors every day.

Kitchen with white cupboards

Bring life into your living room

A simple way to let the beauty of nature into your home is to adopt natural fibers, textures and patterns such as wicker, rattan, hemp and jute. Not only will they create a comfortable oasis for pure relaxation, but they provide the foundation for constructing a neutral canvas to build on with other natural accents like colourful plant-life. Complement natural furnishings with striking wood effect floor tiles to achieve a high quality, rustic feel.

In terms of decor, neutral tones such as white, tan and beige are perfect for making living room interiors feel natural and tranquil. But if you’re looking for something a little more colourful, take inspiration from the outdoors adding hints of green, blue and yellow for a fresh feel. Layer the look with organic accents and possibly even a feature wall that will become a focal point of the room. 

To truly embrace the transterior trend, installing bi-fold patio doors in your living area that open out into the garden will create the illusion of more space and remove physical barriers between the outside and inside of your home. 

Open up the kitchen

Natural light is a key part of the transterior trend and is a beautiful way to open up your kitchen. Where possible, enlarge windows to make the most of beautiful garden views either by paring back blinds and curtains or even opting for taller windows that reach up to the ceiling. This will make the room feel much lighter and more vibrant at minimal expense.

Add greenery by bringing potted or hanging plants into the kitchen for an instant natural essence, whether that’s a window-ledge herb garden or decorative indoor plants like succulents that are low maintenance. 

When it comes to fixtures and fittings, choose natural materials where possible, such as wood for cabinets and stone wall tiles for floors and splashbacks. If the look of real wood isn’t to your taste, paint cupboard and drawer fronts in cream or green for a soft finish if wood.

Let your bathroom bloom

With so much water in the air, it’s essential to opt for plants and decor that’s functional in bathrooms – and natural materials can be just what you need to add texture and character without compromising on the practical aspects of the design. 

Embellish the area with shells and seaside accessories for a beach-inspired feel that’s primed to deliver a natural ambiance. Paired alongside wood effect wall tiles, you’ll have a practical choice that’s perfect for busy family bathrooms. Further enhance the look with wooden accents like unpainted wooden shelving or bathroom furniture to complete your au naturel interiors.. 

If you don’t want to buy all new new ornaments, why not upcycle existing pieces to give them a natural aesthetic? Think a twig encrusted frame for mirrors and picture frames or painted ceramic pots for a rustic touch. 

  Countertop with sink and plants

Small hints of natural fibres and furniture are the key to bringing nature inside your home to ensure it feels cool, calm and collected – and with these helpful hints, we hope you’ll find plenty of ways to master this look. To help you on your way, explore our gorgeous collection of natural tiles selection today to find all the inspiration you need.

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