Creating a Transterior Space That All the Family Can Enjoy

A transterior space can offer endless benefits, from improving the functionality of your home to offering a greater flow of the space within it. However, combining indoor and outdoor design can be a challenging prospect, especially when maintaining the mood and design elements of both spaces. 

To help you on your way, this post will arm you with the right know-how for seamlessly integrating the beauty of two distinct and very different areas of the home – blurring the lines between inside and out to deliver a space for the whole family to enjoy. 

Apartment with external garden 

Think about the layout

Thinking about exactly what you want to get from your transterior space is a good place to start when planning your layout – being mindful to find the right balance between function and fashion. 

Firstly, consider how natural elements like sunlight, wind and shade could impact your design, as you don’t want these to hinder the project or the end result. This forward planning will also ensure you prioritise functionality and allow plenty of time for finding the most cost-effective solution for essentials such as floor tiles and playing around with positioning for sliding doors and windows to maximise natural light and flow within the space. 

For family-first spaces, the layout should be easy to navigate through from the indoors to the garden area, while still offering elements of privacy for kids and grown ups alike. Think floor to ceiling windows or doors off kitchens or living rooms that give clear visuals of the outside area from within the confines of the home – allowing both areas to be used simultaneously without feeling on top of each other.

Find functional furniture, fixtures and fittings

Ultimately, the furniture, fixtures and fittings you choose should meet the needs of the whole family, bringing a touch of the outdoors inside while still prioritising comfort. One sensible and stylish option is wicker furniture that delivers a natural element to your living space as well as comfortable seating that can be used all year around both indoors and outdoors. With removable cushions, they’re easy to clean too – essential if you have younger children who love sticky foods or are prone to spills. Alternatively, curate a laid back vibe with bean bags or oversized floor cushions, which may better suit the needs of older children. Easily portable, they can be moved to different areas or stored away to open up the space. 

When it comes to flooring and walls, functionality should be at the forefront of your mind. Certainly, if you’re planning a pool area in your transterior space, non-slip floor tiles are essential. With an anti-slip surface, these tiles will give good grip underfoot and are incredibly hard-wearing – even when used outside. Keep the transterior feel flowing throughout your home, by using the same or similar floor tiles in adjoining rooms to effortlessly blur the lines between the two areas. 

Bring the outdoors inside

During the summer months, strategically placed houseplants are a great way to help your space flow naturally from exterior to interior – effectively blurring the boundary between alfresco dining spaces and the rest of your home.

Utilise warm weather plants which can be kept internally or externally, such as ferns or bamboo to get an outdoors look inside the home. These versatile plants can be incorporated into any transterior design, without overpowering the room or taking away from its function.  Incorporating these plants into your kitchen and your outdoor terrace will offer a seamless transition – extending the indoor aesthetic using the colour and vibrancy of plantlife to blend the two spaces. 

Not only are houseplants aesthetically pleasing, they’re also an effective opportunity for the kids to get involved in the upkeep, as they are generally low maintenance – making the space somewhere for the whole family to enjoy and feel proud of. Alongside bringing natural colour and cleaner air into your home, plants make your home seem lighter and brighter – all while honing in on the transterior appeal. 

Home garden space 

Transterior spaces are a great way to combine functionality and style, while offering a beautiful space that the whole family can enjoy. So, why not get started on creating your own transterior space by taking a look at our impressive choice of wall and floor tiles today?

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