4 Hallway Design Trends for 2020

Whether you live by trends or have your own personal style and take little notice of anything other than what appeals to you, there’s no avoiding what’s in and what’s not, interior or otherwise. While some trends last a mere season, others remain popular for years after introduction, enabling you to take bits from each new trend and optimise your interior to create a unique style, as opposed to changing it up entirely season after season.

In this blog post, therefore, we’re taking you through this year’s top 4 hallway trends that can be easily integrated into your current aesthetics – helping you to add character to your home according to the 2020 stylebook without a complete overhaul.

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Photo by Samuel McGarrigle on Unsplash

Global eclecticism

A continued trend from autumn/winter 2019, this trend celebrates globally-inspired patterns and fabrics, encouraging interior designers and homeowners alike to fuse together a variety of different tastes to create their own unique space. Combining rich tones with rugged textures, this style welcomes authenticity and encourages you to invest in handcrafted furnishings that you’ll recognise as special for long after you’ve bought them.

To incorporate this style into your hallway, opt for wood effect tiles like these from our Colarart tile range – giving you a perfect, rustic base ready to layer up with unique, oriental decor. Once these tiles have been set, search local markets and special dealers for a hallway rug that will make your home feel warm and will create a new depth to your space – a Moroccan berber rug or Persian-style rug should do the trick here.

Retro fusion

Combining jewel tones with geometric shapes and clean-lined wooden furniture, retro fusion encompasses a mixture of Art Deco shapes with a 70s colour palette – making it an obvious choice for those of you who can be regularly found sifting through your attic and market stalls for funky furnishings of decades past.

For your floors, we suggest incorporating geometric tiles into your hallway aesthetic to give you and your guests an instantly powerful feel. Combine this with a vintage wooden table and a vase of bright daffodils to inspire a truly joyous aesthetic.

Transterior touches

This uplifting trend celebrates nature and focuses on a slightly desaturated colour palette this season. Combining soft, neutral background tones such as pale pinks, mink greens, soft blues and clean whites with luscious green plant detail – be that in the form of real plants or wallpaper – this trend will prove to be intrinsically refreshing and tasteful this season.

To adopt this into your hallway design, opt for clean white tiles on the floor to give you the perfect foundation to add as much greenery to your space as possible. Explore our wide selection of floor tiles here to find a neutral solution that will allow you to change up your hallway depending on trends with alternating decorations season-to-season.

Colour clashing

Colour clashing is a trend that works perfectly in smaller spaces such as the hallway and has the ability to elevate forgotten spaces into inviting, happy places. Whether you choose to paint your walls with Patone’s colour of the year – Classic Blue – and contrast it with a bold green stripe and gold accents, or opt for a vibrant pink wallpaper and pop red decorations throughout your hallway, adopting this trend will create an unforgettable appearance in your hallway.

To ensure your bold walls don’t distract from the size of your hallway, use large floor tiles to create the illusion of space – giving you the opportunity to either go as equally bold on the floors as you have the walls, or simply keep it simple to expand your space.

Trends are ever changing, so in order for your home’s interior to remain truly timeless it needs to be created slowly through the years – incorporating various styles, textiles and colours that mean something to you and your home. In 2020 therefore, pick patterns, furniture and flooring that you fall in love with and, if they happen to coincide with a particular trend then consider this an added benefit, as opposed to a structure you need to follow.

For more information on how Tiles Direct can help you spruce up your hallway this year, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable and friendly team here!

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