Spring Decoration Ideas: 3 Refreshing Home Interior Updates

After months of gloomy nights, dismal weather and general darkness, spring is finally within touching distance – and it brings with it the prospect of curtains being flung open, along with an interior refresh that welcomes this newfound brightness in your home.

To make the most of this coming season, there are home updates galore you can make to ensure your home is ready for spring – whether you’re looking for small changes that make a big difference, or you feel inspired to inject a breath of fresh air into your space on a much greater scale.

In today’s post, we’re detailing just 3 of the many ways you can elevate your interior with the spring season in mind. From finally giving your home’s exterior the attention it deserves to updating your fabrics to create a lighter and brighter feel in every room of your house, we’ll help you refresh your home in time to see the daffodils bloom.

cushion decoration on sofa

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

Make the change to lighter fabrics

A simple yet effective way to take your interior from dark and cosy to bright and beautiful is to swap out heavy materials in favour of lighter-coloured linens. By replacing heavy faux fur throws and chunky knitted blankets with neutral, crisp cotton fabrics in the bedroom and living area, your room will instantly appear more spacious and ready for spring.

If you’re afraid you might lose the depth and texture your dark materials added to your room, have no fear. By using thinner, more neutrally based fabrics, you’ll be able to interlace pastel tones throughout this interior – for example, using white bedding gives you the opportunity to layer pink tones in your display cushions and throws, without the room appearing gloomy or cluttered.

Swap candles for plants

For those of you who populate every inch of shelving space with pumpkin spice scented candles, stop. While, in winter, candles provide a welcome addition to a cosy interior hub, come spring, it’s unlikely they’ll be lit – instead making them a source of unwanted clutter.

To combat this, pop your candles in a cupboard and replace them with plants and flowers that add a dash of colour to your home. If they can’t fit on your shelves or mantlepiece, why not consider placing them on the floor? Potted plants look beautiful when positioned on wood-effect floor tiles and will make your space feel exotic yet homely in the process.

Pay attention to your patio

Blending the boundaries between the outside and indoors is a beautiful way of introducing a light and spring-friendly feel to your home interior. Whether you choose to do this using large floor tiles in your hallway that extend into your front garden or by giving care and attention to your home’s exterior to encourage you to spend a little more time there with the warmer months on the way, investing in updating your home’s exterior is certainly worthwhile.

To do this, you might choose to frame your front or back doorway with spring-appropriate pastel patterned wall tiles – like these ones. By doing so, your home will feel light and airy the moment you step through the door – a theme you can look to continue in your hallway or kitchen design by incorporating glistening white metro tiles in your kitchen splashback or a pop of colour with a bright piece of artwork hanging in your hallway.

We’re not sure about you, but we’re just about done with winter and are looking forward to longer days and sunnier mornings. To help you get started on brightening up your space in time for spring, explore our full range of tiles today – or get in touch to chat through your interior design vision with one of our tile experts.

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