Focal Point Fireplaces: How to Design an Eye-Catching Feature

Home to lazy afternoons spent reading and cosy movie nights, the living room has a big part to play in any home – so it’s only right that attention should be paid when it comes to designing a space you simply love spending time in.

When it comes to interior design, all too often we overlook the more practical features, but these can hold plenty of aesthetic appeal, too. That’s why today, we’re turning our attention to the fireplace, and looking at how this staple living room feature can become a design focal point in its own right.

Use tiles to frame the fire

fireplace tiles
Photo by Tiles Direct

There are a number of ways you can use tiles to complement features in your home, and if you’re looking for a unique way to add some character to your fireplace, they could offer the perfect solution. Patterned fireplace tiles can turn a bland and boring fireplace into a beautiful, eye-catching feature, without the need for a huge renovation budget.

Most fireplaces will typically only require a handful of tiles for the hearth or edges, which means you might not even need to buy new tiles. If you’ve recently finished a tiling project elsewhere in your home, the leftovers could make perfect fireplace tiles, so consider experimenting with these. Alternatively, order samples of different fireplace tiles so you can see them in situ and choose the best option for you.

Light it up with candles

Whether you’re using them as accessories in front of the fire or you choose to remove the fire completely, candles are a great addition to any fireplace. Practical and atmospheric, they can really change the mood of a room – especially in the winter months when getting warm and cosy is the perfect way to enjoy an evening.

Of course, there’s safety to consider here, so you’ll want to check your fireplace is safe for burning candles before you light them. If you’re good to go, pillar candles are the ideal accompaniment. To fit in with a neutral aesthetic, cream candles are easy to get hold of. Or you could use your candles to add a splash of colour to your fireplace and then switch them out for different shades to suit your mood or the change in seasons.

Accessorise with greenery

potted plants on mantlepiece
Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Bringing greenery into the home is by no means a new interior trend, but more and more households are getting creative with the way they do this – so if you’re a plant lover, why not incorporate this into your fireplace design? 

One of the great things about adding greenery is you can change your plants with the seasons, displaying a festive poinsettia in December and switching it out for some hand-picked daffodils come March. With the option to change your plants and flowers as regularly as you see fit, your fireplace display will never get boring!

Add a decorative screen

For households with young children or pets, a fireplace cover or screen may be a necessity – but it can be used as more than just a safety feature. Perfect for drawing attention to your fireplace, the screen itself could become part of your fireplace design, making this whole area a real focal point in your living room.

From hinged doors and stained glass to geometric patterns and rustic scenes, there are a wide variety of screens available, meaning you’re sure to be able to find something that fits right in with your room’s aesthetic. You could even choose different screens depending on the season and swap your winter scene screen for a clear glass screen when summer rolls around.

Whether you’re a fan of minimalism or you’re all about the added extras, with a little creativity, you can find a way to turn your fireplace into a stunning focal feature. Still looking for inspiration? Check out our range of fireplace tiles and order your sample to get started on your fireplace redesign today!

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