Spring Sparkle: Using, Mixing & Applying Glitter Grout

 glitter grout additive colours

Grouting tiles once they’ve been fixed in place is an essential step in tile installation, but this all-important sealant material doesn’t have to be all about the practical side of things. Modern-day grouts come in a broad spectrum of colour options. But, if you’re looking for a finish that will add instant glamour to tiled areas, glitter grout additives are the way to go.

Designed to add extra sparkle to even the plainest wall or floor tiles, glitter tile grout guarantees your tile space has a luxurious feel.

If this sounds right up your street, then we’re here to tell you all about how to make glitter grout work in your home. From where to use it, to mixing and applying it, you’ll find all you need to know right here.

Where to use glitter grout?

The good news is that our glitter grout additive for tiles can be combined with any type of grout (and even paint) to provide a water-resistant, anti-mould sealing solution that can be applied to almost any area of your home.

From blingin’ bath surrounds and walk-in showers to glitzy kitchen splashbacks and shimmering living room floors, the possibilities to use glitter tile grout in your home are virtually endless.

The only thing you need to decide is which glitter grout additive colour best complements your chosen tiles. Do you want a subtle shimmer or a striking contrast?

For a cool finish pearl white, silver and grey could be the way to go. Or why not use warm rose gold, sand gold or even a funky purple glitter grout to create vibrant colour contrasts with your tiles?

How to make glitter grout

You can buy ready-mixed glitter for grout, which offers a quick and easy option that’s ideal if you’re tiling small areas. However, a more cost-effective option for larger spaces – that also gives you full control over the amount of glitter you add – is to use a glitter grout additive.

Glitter grout additives can be mixed into any epoxy, cement or acrylic grout, meaning whatever type of grout you need to seal your tiles, you can still achieve your desired sparkle. Whatever grout you use, the key is to make sure the glitter is thoroughly mixed into the solution for even distribution.

When it comes to how to make glitter grout for tiles, you also need to think about how much glitter you add to the grout mixture. This is obviously a personal preference, but just keep in mind that a small bag of glitter grout additive can go a long way. We’d suggest adding a little bit at a time rather than bunging the whole bag in, as once it’s been added you can’t take it away.

Tips for applying glitter grout

Applying glitter grout doesn’t require any special techniques, as it can be applied the same way you would a standard grout using a grout float to push it into the tile joints and a damp sponge to clean off any excess residue.

However, here are a few pointers to keep in mind to ensure you get just the right level of shimmer and shine in your glitter tile grout once everything’s fully installed:

  • Make sure the grout and glitter are evenly mixed
  • Test the grout on a small area or edge of a spare tile to see how the glitter looks before committing to sealing the full area
  • Apply small amounts of grout, ideally working on 1 square metre areas at a time
  • Work quickly and efficiently to avoid the grout drying out before you’ve applied it
  • Check for air bubbles in the grout, using the float to push it all the way into the gaps
  • Apply grout diagonally across the tile joint for optimal coverage
  • Remove excess grout from tile surface before it sets with the edge of the float at a 45 degree angle
  • Allow grout to set slightly before cleaning grout residue to prevent pulling it out from the joints
  • Wipe the grout away with a clean, damp sponge. Don’t scrub it off as this just moves the particles around and can scratch the tile surface

Using glitter tile grout to add some flare to your tiles can be a brilliant way to transform typically practical wall and floor tiles into an attention-grabbing feature.

Glitter grout looks particularly pretty used alongside shiny glass mosaics, quartz tiles and tiles with a polished finish, but in truth you can use them with any tile you choose.

Are you ready to get your sparkle on? First take your pick of our extensive range of wall tiles and floor tiles, then choose your glitter grout additive colour and you’re all set.

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