Designing Your Kitchen: Flooring, Tiling and Dining

modern kitchen with leaf inspired details

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. From cooking up a storm to chatting away the evening over group dinners, it’s often where families touch base and discuss their days. Whether you have a kitchen with space for a dining area or you’re working with a galley rather than an open plan area, you can design your kitchen flooring, walls and accessories to suit you.

If you’ve moved into a new property and can’t wait to decorate or you’re renovating your existing home and need some design inspiration, we’ve got just the thing. Today, we’re bringing you bags of ideas for choosing your kitchen flooring and tiling options – as well as plenty of tips for designing your dream kitchen.

Kitchen flooring


white open plan kitchen


Your kitchen is one of the most utilised rooms in the house – and as such, it’s important that every aspect of it is durable. From polished porcelain (read more about this style) to slate effect, there are a variety of floor tiles available – meaning picking the perfect option for you can be a challenge.

Start by exploring your flooring choices based on the functional and aesthetic qualities you desire. For example, are you tiling the entire kitchen or just the area around your appliances? This might influence the floor tiles you choose, as you’ll want the design to match with your other flooring choices. For families with small children, non-slip kitchen floor tiles can be a practical choice – ensuring your little ones remain safe whenever they’re in the kitchen. If you’re aiming for a more modern dining experience, you might want to opt for Imarmi kitchen tiles – which will look sleek and stylish in any kitchen.  

Beautiful Boheme porcelain floor tiles will add a chic, elegant feel to your kitchen – which is perfect if you’re going for a modern and minimalist theme. If you’re looking to create a bistro or cafe-themed kitchen, Hexagon tiles come with a quirky, attention-commanding appeal – as does our range of Victorian tiles.

Remember that it’s not essential for your worktops, flooring, wall tiles and furniture to match exactly when it comes to colour and texture – it’s more important that the styles complement each other. Whatever theme you settle on, investing in cheap floor tiles doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. At Tiles Direct, we have a variety of high-quality flooring options to help you find the look you want for a price you’re happy to pay.

Choosing your wall tiles


basil, balsamic and tomatoes in a rustic kitchen


With your flooring taken care of, it’s time to think about your choice of wall tiles. Don’t be fooled into thinking cheap wall tiles means poor quality. At Tiles Direct, we believe in achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction – and this means ensuring our range of wall tiles are the best in the business.

So how do you choose the best kitchen wall tiles for your home? As with other rooms in your home, it’s good to have a clear picture of the theme you’re going for. From rustic and farmhouse styles to modern and bistro themed kitchens, there are a number of options available when it comes to designing a space that suits you. Below, you’ll find a variety of options to get you started:

  • Brick tiles have become a popular choice with homeowners looking to add a splash of modernity to their kitchen, making them the perfect accompaniment to more simple worktop choices
  • Natura Wood tiles bring a touch of the outdoors in, with a natural yet stylish design
  • World Park tiles are an ideal option for farmhouse-style cottages, providing a creative and colourful backdrop
  • Versace tiles can add an air of elegance to any room in your home – and are a great way to bring a touch of luxury to your kitchen

Once you settle on your choice of kitchen tiles, UK-wide delivery means you could be enjoying your dream kitchen sooner than you think. Want to find out more about what to do once you’ve purchased your kitchen wall tiles? Check out our guide to tiling a kitchen to getting started!

Designing and dining


kitchen with modern stone worktop


With your kitchen floor tiles in place and your new wall tiles set, it’s time to think about designing the rest of your kitchen space. If you spend a lot of time cooking, you might want to think about practical additions to your kitchen, such as:

  • Breakfast bars – if there’s limited space in your kitchen, a breakfast bar can be a practical alternative to a dining table. It still provides the family with a place to eat and can either be placed along a wall or as part of an island design
  • Dining tables – if you’re fortunate enough to have a large kitchen space, a dining table is a great way to bring people together. Whether it’s family meals or you’re hosting a dinner party, a welcoming communal space is a great way to make the most of your kitchen
  • Children’s area – for people with young children, getting your kids to sit still long enough to eat a meal can be a challenge, so why not design an area of your kitchen specifically for them?
  • Integrated appliances – if you’re designing a minimalist kitchen, integrated appliances can give your space a more open and airy feel. This is an ideal solution if you’re working with a small kitchen
  • Secret storage – a pantry might seem like a thing of the past, but clever storage options will help your kitchen look less cluttered. From pull-out larders to secret drawers, you can design your kitchen to be as spacious as you need, without leaving all your essentials on show
  • Window dressingkitchens are often more appealing when they benefit from a lot of light. Depending on your choice of theme, you can choose curtains, vertical blinds or a pull-down window shade to complement your kitchen’s style and allow for as much or as little light as you want

Ready to start exploring your kitchen flooring and tiling options? We have a wide range of kitchen tiles to get you started – and if you want to try before you buy, our tile samples start from just 99p! Alternatively, if you’re still unsure on the right shade to embrace in your interior, see our article on the psychology behind colours.

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