3 Metro Tile Pattern Ideas for Your Home

Given the versatility of metro tiles, they’ve been one of the top trending tile choices over the last few years and it’s set to stay that way, too. Perfect for use with both modern and classic decor styles, their design echoes the instantly recognisable style of underground stations that’s seen them become a go-to choice for creating feature walls in kitchens and bathrooms across the country. But, to ensure you get the look just right, we’ll be sharing a number of pattern ideas for metro tiles that will ensure you nail the subway-chic look once and for all.Kitchen tiles and pan

Classic subway style

While some may say the classic brick lay pattern is restrictive and lacks adventure, it’s still one of the most popular ways to install them in kitchens and bathrooms and is far from boring. This method delivers a striking aesthetic that’s also easy to maintain, but if you want to hone in on the subway vibe further, experiment with different coloured grout to really make the tiles pop. Think crisp white metro tiles with back, grey or even red grout for an attention-grabbing ensemble. 

Despite being the most common pattern design for metro tiles, this technique is also one of the most versatile, meaning you can adapt it to almost any style and size of space in your home. With a timeless appeal, it’s the perfect choice if your priority is to ensure your kitchen or bathroom renovation lasts the duration. 

Herringbone detail

One way to make things a little more interesting is by arranging your metro tiles into herringbone pattern. Although this can be a little trickier to pull off, especially if you’re trying your hand at laying tiles yourself, the finished results will definitely be worth the effort.  However, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to measure and lay the tiles correctly as the herringbone pattern doesn’t tend to be forgiving when it comes to mistakes.

If you really want walls that stand out from the crowd, opt for a mixture of different coloured tiles. From green, red and white for a more traditional London tube look to classic black and white that can be jazzed up with colourful accessories and accents, you’ll find plenty of ways to play around with herringbone tiles. For an easier option for novice DIY enthusiasts, choosing white tiles with coloured grout will make the installation less complicated.

Mix it up

Another stunning look that’s best left to seasoned tilers, is to add a more complex patterns with staggered metro tiles – delivering an extra edge that works particularly well on larger walls. To create this effect, line up tiles, laying them so the joint is off-centre, making sure you use the same measurement for the joint on each tile and row. For dramatic interiors, why not use bold colours like black metro tiles that will bring a luxury feel?

Alternatively, for a style that’s cool and contemporary, turn metro tiles on their side and lay them vertically. Complete this ensemble with exposed light bulbs and industrial-style accents for an ultra-modern vibe that’s guaranteed to make the room Instagram-worthy. 

On a similar note, stacking subway tiles in a straight rows and lines, using the same colour grout as the tiles is a great way to give your room a new take on metro-chic. It can also be beneficial for opening up tight spaces, as the clean lines and single colour create less distraction, especially with glossy white metro tiles.

Kitchen with bread and utensils
If you love metro tiles and want to embrace them into your next home update, you’ll now be equipped with all the know-how you need for creating a chic and timeless look in your home. To start bringing your design ideas to life, explore our huge collection of metro tiles that will be sure to give you all the inspiration you need.

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